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The right next thing, done right

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I first launched Epion Consulting in 2003, closing it down whilst I joined and helped to build another business. Now we're back.

First time round our mission was to help clients to do the right next thing, and do the next thing right. We reckoned that determining what to do next, how to do it, and then executing on that was the key challenge we all face. If we don't do the right next thing we won't head towards where we want and / or need to be; and if we don't do that next thing right, our chances of getting there will be reduced. We still think that today - if we want to realise our vision, we need to do the right next thing, and do it right.

Back in 2003 we focused on people. I wrote 'we work with people. It’s quality of execution, not strategy, that ultimately makes a difference. And it’s people who determine how well things get executed.'

That's still true, and again lies at the heart of our approach. This time, though, we're more tightly focused on change, and on the role people have in change. Our purpose is to

enable change, and to empower those impacted by change to embrace it: the right change, done right.

I hope you'll subscribe to this blog. Over the next weeks we'll work our way through a blog 'change alphabet' - so that's at least 26 blogs, some letters will inevitably get more than one piece. Tell us what you think. We look forward to talking and working with you.

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