Enabling successful change,

empowering those impacted by change


Why Epion?

Epion Consulting works with organisations to enable effective change, and to empower those impacted by change to embrace and embed it - the right change, done right.

What if...

We enabled change in our organisations rather than seeking to manage it?


What if...

​We empowered our people to embrace change, rather than trying to manage resistance?


What if...

Our people worked with us to shape change?


Read our blogs for more on how we think about change

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What’s its intent?​

What’s its impact?

What We Do

With you, we ask, answer, and act on

three questions

What is the change intent?

What is the change impact?

What change interventions are needed?

With expertise, passion and creativity we design and deliver interventions that engage, envision and equip your people so that they embrace and embed change - and that change realises the benefits you seek.

How do we work with you?

How often do client teams really want to work with consultants? 

Epion looks to make that the norm. How?

  • Only undertaking work we know we can do really well.

  • Only deploying consultants whose expertise is relevant, deep, and proven.

  • Taking on no more work than our leaders can personally add value to, hands-on.

  • Looking to grow your capabilities, avoiding any dependency that can diminish value.

  • Sustaining curiosity and a passion to learn.

  • Seeking at all times to be creative, energetic, flexible, proactive, open, and honest.

  • Bringing our whole persons to work, anticipating and fostering fun.

Epion perspectives on change

Read our blogs where we share thoughts on change. Here are some tasters …

Change is about people first. If people aren’t engaged, envisioned and equipped, they won’t embrace and embed change. 


Too much of what’s badged as transformation just isn’t. Transformation has to involve a sustained change in mindset and behaviours, not just structures, processes and systems.


Line of sight to customers matters, not just what’s in it

for me. 

Formulaic change management will constrain change. Enabling change is organic, takes many forms, and empowers.

Too often, change interventions are shaped without clarity about change intent and

change impact.


Our team comprises experienced practitioners with wide-ranging expertise that enables change. We’re individuals, each bringing something a little different, with skills honed overtime working with complex change.  From backgrounds in strategy, change, communications, creative design, coaching, learning, project management and more, we're all committed to working flexibly at pace, partnering collaboratively with our clients, and making a difference to their people and their business.

Epion Consulting is led by Nick Smith. Nick has generated client and colleague loyalty throughout his career.  He’s led global and national consulting practices and teams worked with big four, other global, and specialist consultancies, and brings to bear on change a powerful blend of strategic and delivery expertise.  


Our Experience


Our consultants have worked in and with organisations from Central Government to Financial Services; from Technology and Media to Transport and Utilities; from Construction to Professional Services.


We’ve enabled culture change; shaped digital transformation; driven adoption of new technologies and systems; assessed and built change capability and readiness; and deployed new operating models, structures, roles and processes.


If it’s related to change and we haven't done it ourselves, it’s likely we’ve got partners who have – from futurology to coaching informed by recent thinking about neurology.

Our Ethos

Epion’s ethos isn't just about how we work with our clients. It’s about the kind of business we want to be in all our relations – a force for good within the business and in our interactions with our communities.


That means taking the well-being of our people and those with whom they interact very seriously. Our Health and Safety policy extends to include emotional well-being, and we see a real and worked-through commitment to Diversity and Inclusion as critical to making Epion a business in which our people can bring their whole-selves to work.


It means extending these concerns to the broader communities of which we’re part. We’ve partnered with iEMPOW3R 20:20, a recently-established Community Interest Company working primarily in East London, involving and empowering young people to help drive positive and sustainable change in their communities.  We’ll be supporting iEMPOW3R 20:20 financially and, we hope, through investing time in its activities as they develop.  At the other end of the age spectrum, we’re also pleased to support a charity-owned and run residential care home for elderly women – Ferry House in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee.  They provide an amazing quality of genuine care through a wonderfully committed team.


Finally, our ethos means a commitment to sustainability, focusing on working with local suppliers whenever possible, minimising our carbon footprint (including off-set), maximising re-use and continually looking to learn and adopt more sustainable practice.

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